New Video: Why We’re Making This Film

Here’s a video of our writer/director talking about why we’re making this film.  There are many reasons, and each member of Team TAGGTS has their own reasons.  We know that suicide is a very serious topic, and we think that laughter is some of the best medicine.

More from Jean:

“So often when I tell people about the film, they share stories about their friends or loved ones who have attempted or completed suicide. This film opens up a space where they can talk about it freely, they don’t have to hide it or whisper.

Almost everyone has a story, and sharing them helps people know they aren’t alone. Friends have read the film and said, “I love it, it totally reminds me of the first time I tried!” when they’d never told me about their attempts before. THIS is why I do what I do.”

Please help us make this film, which can help so many people!

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