Claire online 6Claire Gordon-Harper (Producer/Actor “Sarah”) was born in Muscat, Oman and moved to the United States as a young child. She began her acting career at age 6 in a traveling theater group based in Tampa, Florida. During her childhood, Claire moved around a lot with her family and found her passion for both acting and music generated a sense of stability. At age 8, Claire began playing guitar and singing and by age 9 she had written her first song and began performing in local cafes and talent shows. After years of performing in community and school productions, she performed in her first professional production at age 18 with the Circle Bar B Theater in Santa Barbara. From there, she began booking independent films which and moved to Los Angeles. She has since booked leads in numerous feature films, network roles and webseries, such as ECHO DR., PROMOTED, AWKWARD, JACKRABBIT 29, and END OF FALL.



Trevor Dow (Actor “Ben”)







More cast members to be announced soon!