Teamwork Tuesday & We’re at 66%!!

What a difference a day makes, we’re at 66%!!  We have one day left, help us get to 80%!

We’re celebrating Teamwork Tuesday to recognize how important teamwork is in filmmaking and especially crowdfunding!  Our campaign has 156 Supporters and 167 Followers, you’re all part of our team and we’re so grateful!  We call ourselves Team TAGGTS because it takes a whole team to make a film.  We can get so much more done working together, it helps to have teammates to brainstorm with, laugh with and celebrate when you hit your goals!

We also want to recognize all the different teams we’re part of, that are helping to make this film happen:

First off, Team Seed&Spark!  The Seed&Spark Staff helped us prepare for the campaign and make sure we had all of our ducks in a row, they’ve been there every step of the way, tweeting and re-tweeting, helping us with tech support, and cheering us on!  Major love to the Seed&Spark founder Emily Best, Community Manager Nicole Malek, Community Director Erica Anderson, and Operations Czar Max Silverman.

Another team we’re proud to be a part of is Film Fatales!  You may have seen the Film Fatales logo our Seed&Spark page under Partners.

Film Fatales Badge.JPGFilm Fatales is a group of female directors, which has chapters in Los Angeles, New York, Austin, New Orleans, Detroit, London, Toronto, Sao Paolo, Sydney, and is expanding!  Jean is a member of the Los Angeles chapter, and it’s been an amazing source of inspiration and support.  Empowering women and women in film is important to our whole team, and we love to partner with organizations who share the same goals!

We’re also a part of Team USC School of Cinematic Arts.  Joselito, Nick, and Jean are all alums, and we appreciate the support of our film school friends who have contributed!  We also got a Twitter shoutout from fellow alum Rian Johnson (writer/director of BRICK and LOOPER) today, as well as the USC Women in Cinematic Arts.  Social media sharing helps us spread the word, so we really appreciate it!

Want to share the social media love?  Here’s a suggested post:

#Teamwork #Tuesday: Help dark comedy @taggts_ get to 80% on @SeedandSpark by tomorrow! #SupportIndieFilm #WomenInFilm

We’re so excited to be getting closer to our goal, we have about 24 hours to hit 80%!  Our campaign ends at 1:11pm Pacific Time, so please share on social media, tell your friends, and if you haven’t contributed yet, every dollar gets us closer to our goal!

Hang In There!



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