Mental Health Monday & We’re at 50%!

First off, we want to celebrate that we’re at 50% and thank everyone who has contributed and has been helping to spread the word about our film!

We’re calling this Mental Health Monday because we want to talk about the ways we hope this film can start discussions about mental health issues, and foster understanding and empathy.  We’re making this film because we’ve lost people to suicide who we cared about, or we’ve had family and friends who have struggled with mental health troubles, or we’ve struggled ourselves.  We want to help create spaces for people to share without judgement how suicide and mental health issues have affected their life.  When we talk with people about the film, they often tell us how suicide has affected their lives, and it seems like people want and need to share these stories.

We choose to address these topics with dark comedy because levity helps with such heavy topics, and as they say, “Tragedy plus time equals comedy.”  As a comedian, Jean has found that some of the best comedy comes from dark times or tough experiences.  She’s written some articles about her own mental health struggles that we look forward to sharing with you soon.  As a filmmaker, she likes to make films that are like spilling your guts and laughing at how weird guts look.  And many suicide survivors who we’ve talked to or who have read the script enjoy the humor in the film.  Suicide is still a taboo topic and comedy can be a way to open up the conversation.

We have two days left in our campaign!  If you can, share via social media:

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Thank you and Hang In There!



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