It’s $5 Friday and We’re Almost to 45%!

5-dollar-fridayIt’s Five Dollar Friday again!  Contribute today to get your name in the Seed&Sparklers section of our film’s end credits (usually a $100 or more contribution perk)!

In extra exciting $5 Friday news, we’re only $10 away from 45% of our goal!!  We have 5 days to go in our campaign, and we’re thrilled to be getting closer to our goal each day!

We appreciate your contributions and helping us spread the word!  Share on social media: “$5 Friday! @taggts_ is $10 from 45% of their @seedandspark #crowdfunding goal, contribute today! #SupportIndieFilm”

Our director, L Jean Schwartz, wrote an article on Bitchflicks called Being Bossy, Unbreakable, and Daring Greatly, about being a female director, Strong Female Characters, and the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  Check it out here!

Happy Five Dollar Friday, Hang In There!



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